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Q: I didn't receive a tracking number after I placed an order with you guys. Whats up with that?

A: Shipping can be expensive. As we are trying to grow our company and expand our customer base we want to keep shipping costs to a minimum in order to attract new and returning customers. Our way of doing this is by providing the most basic and inexpensive shipping through Canada Post. This means your package will not have a tracking number.

Q: My package has not arrived yet. When can I expect it?

A: Canada Post has quoted us an estimated delivery window of 4-7 business days for all US and Internationally bound parcels. This, however, is just an estimate and can sometimes take anywhere from 2-3 weeks for a package to reach it's destination. The post can be sluggish at times, especially during the holiday season. Don't worry though, we promise it's on it's way to you.

Q: I placed an order on dd/mm/yy. Have you dudes shipped it out yet?

A: We do our very best to send orders out the day after they have been placed. We are at our local post office on a daily basis and they know us by name. If you placed an order on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it will be sent out on the following Monday.